Recently, the doors and windows of Mylch won the “Best Strategic Partner” of Siegenia in Germany. According to industry sources, the company has selected the “best strategic partner” every three years and has formulated a very strict set of standards for such selection. Of course, the primary criterion is the amount of procurement, but in addition to this, we must also consider whether the partner has advanced window-making technology and innovative research and development technology, high brand influence, and honest and trustworthy cooperative tenets. This move fully proves that the 100-year-old German company has recognized the company’s strength and brand influence.

Founded in 1914 in Sieggen, Germany, Siegenia has more than 100 years of history. With its rich and long-standing manufacturing experience, Siegenia is the leading company in high-end door and window hardware. It is one of Germany’s largest hardware suppliers. Its hardware has corrosion resistance, safety and a high degree of stability, while also meeting the individual requirements of the design of doors and windows. In addition, the types of hardware are various and can be applied to various materials such as aluminum, plastic, wood-aluminum composites, and doors and windows of various opening types such as internal and external opening, push-pull, and the like; accessories include a variety of items, such as burglary prevention systems and monitoring systems.

Mylch has long maintained a strategic partnership with Germany’s Jygiah Hardware. All products are guaranteed to open ten thousand times without failure. The use of concealed split drive ensures the safety level of the passive fan lock when the split fan is designed and eliminates damage to doors and windows when closed. Plunge the damping design to prevent it from closing suddenly when it is hanging. This will startle you, keep the fixed opening angle, and introduce the tilt rod to make the window easier to handle.

In addition, Mylch selected refinement-grade 6063-T5 aluminum alloy profiles that are both corrosion resistant and have the highest strength, significantly improving the structural strength and stability, without distortion after 20 years of normal use, and carefully selecting high quality products from around the world. Wood is not easily warped and cracked, increasing durability and aesthetics.

As one of the drafting units of the national standard of doors and windows, Meritor has paid more attention to safety and environmental protection. All the hardware used has undergone nano-coating treatment and salt spray resistance test, and it promises to absolutely not pollute the environment. Provides a configurable security lock solution to prevent children from falling down, providing customers with a constant and strong guardian.

Adopting the industry-leading Ensiger thermal insulation strip, its high-efficiency thermal separation technology maintains indoor temperature and effectively reduces energy consumption. Super Spacer Super Spacer with super insulating glass developed in cooperation with leading foreign technology Effectively insulates outdoor noise and pollutants such as PM2.5.

As a pioneer in China’s high-end door and window manufacturing industry and a leader in the industry, Mylch doors and windows integrate global high-quality accessories resources to provide customers with high-quality door and window products and systematic solutions. In the past 23 years, relying on mature door and window service experience, taking the core needs of consumers as the starting point, from profiles to accessories, and even the choice of paint, have formed a unique stringent standards. In the past 23 years, Mylch has always adhered to the vision of “making people’s living environment more quiet”. The customers have been in the elites of all walks of life. They are also in such landmark buildings as Zhongnanhai, the Great Hall of the People, the Capital Airport, and foreign embassies and consulates. Using it, it has provided hundreds of thousands of families with a perfect quiet life. In the future, the doors and windows of Mylch will continue to develop products with extraordinary strength and master standards, and are committed to creating real high-end doors and windows for consumers around the world.