When you open a window, and enjoy the fresh air brought by the plunge, when you close the doors and windows and enjoy the silence of the bustling, you have to mention the name “Merci”. 20 years ago, it was Mylch that introduced the world’s leading “inside-down” doors and windows to China and promoted it to millions of households, creating a brand-new service model for door and window replacement and brand management, and it was only now that the doors and windows of the home were revolutionary. Innovation.

For 20 years, only for the quiet of the family, Mylch deeply plowed in the field of doors and windows. Today, under the background of serious homogenization of doors and windows, low-level competition, and strengthening supply-side reforms, it is urgent to upgrade and transform. Mylch Company once again picked up the heavy responsibility for the development of the industry and undertook the R&D task of the Beijing-level R&D mission “Ultra Low Energy Building Vacuum Glass Energy Saving Window”, starting from improving the energy saving level of doors and windows, improving the function, innovating the appearance, and collaborating with international cutting-edge technologies. Process improvement, research and development of new products, improve the overall level of doors and windows industry.

In 2016, in order to achieve a model of China’s door and window industry and bring consumers high-quality doors and windows of a truly international standard, Mylch summarized nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience of various doors and windows, relying on in-depth insights into consumer demand, relying on the company’s various positions to own Many masters and employees with more than 15 years’ experience in manufacturing windows and doors have newly launched the “Giant Core” and developed new products with extraordinary strength and master standards. Nine new products including DR series energy-saving aluminum alloys and EX series aluminum-clad aluminum products have been introduced one after another. . These products have absorbed new design concepts and improved the practice of “enlargement of the aluminum alloy cavity to increase the thickness of the glass notch, which facilitates the upgrade of the glass configuration and enhances the performance” commonly used in aluminum alloy door and window upgrades. Structure, adjust the thickness of the glass notch to configure different glass, forming a series of advantages, the choice of doors and windows of different regions, architectural characteristics, more instructive significance. The outstanding features of these new products are: the application of international advanced double-row lock safety hardware technology, higher security; flexible warm edge insulating glass spacer technology to enhance the level of insulation; the use of water-expanding sealing strip technology to enhance watertight performance, etc., is dedicated to creating real high-end doors and windows for Chinese consumers while satisfying government energy-saving needs

In May 2016, Mylch’s after-sales service was launched on a monthly basis. Mylch expanded its service scope in the capital. Regardless of the brand, regardless of the number of years, it provided free home inspection and maintenance service for thousands of families. In 20 years, Mylch has not only honored It is only the promise of good service, but also reflects the responsibilities of a pioneer in the industry.

Affected by the development of doors and windows under the influence of the real estate market, Mylch believes that “deliberate innovation” may not be correct. It truly meets the needs of consumers and allows consumers to realize the benefits of energy conservation and persists in it. It is an industry pioneer who should do it. of. The accumulated experience of tens of thousands of customers in 20 years and insisting on “only a good window” is the secret to the steady development of Mylch. Mei Chi, a quiet family, will continue to struggle forward.