In recent years, Mylch, a pioneer in China’s high-quality doors and windows, took the lead in launching a strategic development plan for the brand image 2.0 in the industry. While continuing to deepen a number of stringent selection criteria for “master class” employees, it has once again valued customers. Guided by the principle of satisfying customers’ needs, this will open a new round of brand image upgrade. The 21-year-old Mei Chi doors and windows, from the last century to today, not only opened the process of formalizing the Chinese doors and windows industry, but also always maintained the leading position in the industry. Since its establishment, Mei Chi doors and windows have been highly responsive to corporate social responsibility. With a sense of honor, refined quality, and dedication to detail, we have continuously developed various low-energy, high-performance standards and exceptionally durable doors and windows.

Create a new image to strengthen user perception in the era of user value-driven, how to allow Mylch to once again open a new chapter in China’s door and window industry? The answer is undoubtedly the deep accumulation of brand. If you compare the growth of Chinese doors and windows brands to one person, the doors and windows of Mei Chi have ushered in their “adult rites.” “A window and door brand is a truly mature brand only after more than 20 years of testing.

From the first domestic modern door and window company that provides professional services according to German DIN standards, to the invention and the first to introduce aluminum-clad wood windows adapted to the national conditions, Mei Chi doors and windows adhere to the core needs of users, making the brand value bloom gorgeously. On the occasion of the next quality value revolution, Mei Chi’s doors and windows will continue to lead the strategy.

The new image of the exhibition hall under the national line, the opening of the new flagship experience store, the new door and window performance experience room, the rapid development of new products, when the Chinese door and window brand is busy in the price war, Mei Chi doors and windows will be released in 2017 a brand-new Image and brand proposition, officially opened the “new brand first year.” On the 21st anniversary, Mylch regards “1” as a brand-new start on the basis of 20-year brand precipitation, and is once again preparing to provide nationwide consumers with the highest standards of quality service and brand value experience in China.”

In order to bring “better quality experience” to consumers, Mylch Doors and Windows further promoted the “brand experience” to a strategic level, and in 2017 it began to implement the “brand experience year” strategy with great fanfare, from brand culture, service experience and Three aspects of customer satisfaction fully strengthen the user value experience. From the extensive growth model relying solely on new products to the sustainable development model that relies on user word-of-mouth and experience, the brand image of Mei Chi Windows and Doors is further enhanced and the market competitiveness is enhanced. To this end, Mylch doors and windows in order to completely solve the difficult and timely maintenance of doors and windows of difficult problems continue to try, such as has been insisting for 21 consecutive years of summer free service month. Since 2017, Mei Chi Windows and Doors will be fully committed to providing consumers with a better brand value experience. Next, the new brand image will be gradually implemented. New products and new experiences will be listed one after another. The Mei Chi Windows and Doors will continue to dig deep into value, intensively cultivate and strengthen the perceptual communication with consumers’ lifestyle, aiming at improving user satisfaction. Let consumers personally feel the unique charm of Mei Chi’s doors and windows products and brands, and give full play to the user’s value experience.

This is the best time for the Chi Mei doors and windows, because consumers are more willing and easier to understand the history and accumulation of a brand.