From April 18 to April 19, 2016, Mylch Doors and Windows “Masters Core, Co-Inheritance” National Distributors Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. The conference focused on the two contents of “New Products Release” and “Master Electronics Core”. The theme of the event is not only a communication of the struggles of the United States for the past 20 years, but also a deep friendship with the growth and sharing of the partners. Committed to “making people’s living environment more quiet”, Mylch has established the brand management development ideas since its founding, and uses high-quality products and humanized services as its carrier to maximize performance and exquisite workmanship. Expand door and window functions, realize perfect door and window systems and solutions, promote and develop door and window culture. After 20 years of hard work, it has not only become a leader in domestic high-end windows and doors, but also can be regarded as a microcosm of China’s new high-end doors and windows.

Excellent doors and windows, experience the beauty of master craftsmanship. “Do one thing with your heart.” In the past two decades, the window and door industry in China is like a Merlin that is generally found in encyclopedias, and the profession is a good window. Excellence, attention to detail, meticulous pursuit of perfection, hesitate to spend time and effort, repeated tirelessly to improve the product, to increase 99% to 100%, which is Mylch doors and windows more than 30 craftsmen perseverance and faith persist. Patience, focus, adhere to continuously improve products and services; professional, dedicated, and create the industry’s best quality products. Only because the real craftsmen will never stop the pursuit of progress in the professional field. Mylch, a number of R & D design team has many years of experience, the introduction of new high-quality well-known foreign companies hundred years of aluminum, wood, metal, insulation, glass, etc., to fit the times, relying on extraordinary innovation, has introduced for public needs renovation Doors and windows products with high quality performance and aesthetic value continuously bring consumers enjoyable life experiences.

Strong brand, inheritance, innovation, cooperation and win-win future. In 1996, Mylch doors and windows were formally established. As the first modern window and door company to introduce German advanced technology and equipment and provide professional services in accordance with German DIN standards, Mylch paid great attention to the beauty of design, and used color matching and unique design style to make the United States beautiful. The doors and windows keep a considerable advantage of differentiation. In terms of development, Mei Chi doors focus on the power of technology. Actively introduce advanced production technologies and equipment from Germany and Italy and strictly control every process of product manufacturing. With regard to machinery and equipment, workshop management and staffing, etc., Mylch is based on processes and is doing a good job of subdividing each step so that every step is more humane and professional. Nowadays, Mylch has become one of the largest variety of doors and windows companies with the largest variety, largest scale and strongest innovation ability in China.

The products cover mainstream materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic, and aluminum-wood composites, and German, American, and medium mainstream style door and window curtain wall products. , Can meet the user’s personalized, differentiated multiple needs, products are widely used in top villas and other high-end residential, customers across all walks of life celebrity politicians, merchants and nobles, products by the Chinese real estate industry known as “the signature configuration of luxury homes.” In the future, Mei Chi Windows and Doors will, as always, adhere to the brand’s craftsmanship, create more quality products for more consumers, and provide more intimate services.